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Journey Through SHRM Certification

Why Certify?

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider an HR Certification. 


  1. Set yourself apart from those without it – Certified HR Professional may inspire greater trust from employers, co-workers, etc.
  2. Increases earning potential – Some organizations are willing to pay those with a certification a greater salary than those that do not have it.
  3. Improves career advancement opportunities – You may find the path to promotion is much quicker with a certification.
  4. Boost in self-confidence – Many get the feeling of accomplishment and success once completing the certification.
  5. Gain knowledge that is current and relevant – Ongoing education from HR organizations on many of the hot topics that employers are faced with
  6. Butler Community College is offering a Certification Prep Course to help prepare you for the exam!  Class is 9/03/2019 to 11/26/2019.  Reach out to them for additional information at
  7. Much more!

Already Certified?  Recertification Incentive!

SHRM has renewed their recertification incentive program for 2019!  This program provides monetary support to both the recertifying member's SHRM Chapter and State Council, so please consider taking advantage of this in 2019. Your recertification cycle will remain the same, but it allows you to get it completed so you don't have to worry about it next year.  If you're a SHRM member the recertification cost is $100, for non-SHRM members the cost is $150.  

As a certified SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, you must submit your PDCs or retake the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification exam throughout your 3-year recertification period ending on the last day of your birth month. Once your recertification request has been approved, your next 3-year recertification period will begin from your existing end date.

If you complete your recertification cycle early, your end date will not change, but any unused or subsequent professional development activities completed within your current certification period cannot be carried over to the next.

›› Initial certification period: May 2016 (took exam)–July 2019 (birth month)
›› Recertified: December 2018
›› Next 3-year recertification period: July 2019–July 2022

SHRM membership plus Wichita SHRM Chapter membership is a perfect combination. But for you, as a SHRM-certified professional, it’s a double scoop of awesome.

Don’t let your credential expire!
Take advantage of your national and local PDC-earning opportunities as you continue your journey to earn the 60 PDCs required to recertify your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential.

Here are a few things to help you along the way:

1.       Your 3-year recertification period ends on the last day of your birth month.

Don’t let your credential lapse! Log into your Certification Portal to check your current PDC status and submit your application when you have 60 PDCs. (If you submit early, your dates will not change, but you’ll have peace of mind.)

Access your Certification Portal now >>


2.       Attend Wichita SHRM Chapters Upcoming PDC-Eligible Events and Activities.

Follow this link for a calendar of upcoming events:


3.       Access Recertification Resources 

·       Find how-to videos for entering different PDC activities.

·       Connect directly with the recertification team on live chats and webcasts. Get all your recertification questions answered!  


4.       Earn PDCs online right here, right now with free SHRM webcasts.

Access webcasts at Topics cover a wide range of HR issues, so you can find ones relevant to your current HR challenges.


5.       Take the free SHRM Competency Self- Assessment.

This exclusive SHRM member resource helps you identify areas of strength and opportunities for development based on the SHRM Competency Model. After completing it, your results will inform your professional development plan and you will be one PDC closer to 60.

As a reminder, all need-to-know information about SHRM recertification can be found in the SHRM Recertification Handbook.  We recognize your commitment to staying ahead in your career and wish you the best of luck on your recertification journey! 


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