A Message From Our Chapter President

Dear Valued Wichita SHRM Members,

We have just crossed the halfway point of the third quarter of the year, and I have to say it has felt like a long year.  While I am certain that many are ready to put 2020 behind them for many reasons, I want to take a minute to focus on perhaps some good things that have come out of 2020 thus far.

This year has forced many of us to reconnect at home, especially with our families. I know that while my boys were all home from school it really allowed the five of us to sit down and connect again at dinner time. Really talking and listening is communication and bonding that is very valuable to one’s mental state of mind. I think it also has taught us not to take a lot for granted. We might consider ourselves lucky in many ways, especially if you have good health and have avoided this world-wide illness. 

Another point is that we are concerned for ourselves but are masking up and taking precautions in an effort to be our “brother’s keeper” and protect each other. So you see, the parties may have not taken place, graduations looked different for many, adjustments have been made to our daily routines, and it has increased our skills in the virtual world; so not all is lost.

On behalf of the board of directors, we stand with you and hope that you will reflect on these times and find yourself to be stronger as we get through this together. A phrase I use a lot at work is “Grit and Resilience.” Grit is about our passion to persevere while the resilience is the ability to come back and overcome failures. Because both of these traits are about being deeply rooted in the success and growth of the mind to continue to learn and develop.  It is through Grit and Resilience that we will look back upon these times and “remember when” and talk like it was nothing; but it is these times that we will look back and remember it clearly and how our Grit and Resilience got us through the challenging days we have faced, have yet to face, or are facing now. 

HR Professionals are some of the brightest and talented people I know.  I hope you continue to stay engaged in your local SHRM chapter and are excited for our virtual state conference coming up in September.  What a great way to keep you up to date on many of today’s HR matters and get 41 recertification credits all in one place!

For now, be kind, be well and stay strong. Remember we do HR on Purpose!

2020 Board Members after Confirmation in October 2019

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