Sponsorship Opportunities

Customized Membership Emails or E-Blast

Trying to target HR professionals in the Wichita Metro area? There's no better way to do it than by a customized Wichita SHRM Membership Email.

This sponsorship package includes:

  1. A customized email is sent to every Wichita SHRM member.
  2. Subject line will read: "Opportunity from ABC Company."
  3. Email message will be formatted as closely to the original document submitted for distribution.

Contribution: $200 per email

Volunteer at the Kansas Food Bank with the Wichita SHRM Board. Kansas Food Bank graciously offers us their board room the first Wednesday of each month, so we would like to say thank you by volunteering to help them in any way they need help.
12/12/2017 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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