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Review outcomes from the 2016 legislative session that may impact employers and preview candidates for the upcoming elections and the 2017 legislative session.
8/17/2016 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Wichita SHRM members will be allowed to vote in revised by-laws at our July 20th chapter meeting.  These new bylaws have been reviewed and approved by the board.  National SHRM has also reviewed and approved the changes we have made.   You can find the red-lined copy here noting all of the changes that were up for discussion. You can also find a clean copy of the final bylaws up for vote by clicking here. Following the meeting on July 20th, official copies of the Wi
The Wichita SHRM Governmental Affairs webpage was recently updated.  As an HR professional, your voice provides a unique perspective that members of the Kansas House of Representatives and Senate may not have considered.  By joining forces with other HR professionals, you can directly effect the outcome of pending legislation and regulations.  By becoming involved, your actions will ultimately benefit employers and employees across the state of Kansas. Following is a quick summar