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Recruiting and Retaining Minorities in the Workforce
8/16/2017 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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Adrienne Foster
Adrienne Vallejo-Foster was appointed as the Executive Director of Kansas Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission by the governor in May 2011.
A diverse workforce can lead to increased innovation, productivity levels, and profitability in your organization. Learn current trends through a facilitated panel discussion to help you in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Recruiting and retaining a diverse employment population can lead to increased innovation, productivity levels, and ultimately the profitability of the business. In this facilitated panel discussion, you'll learn about current trends in recruitment and retention of women and minorities that can help you in recruiting an inclusive workforce. This program will focus primarily on the recruitment and retention of the Hispanic population, with real world examples and case studies presented by the panelists. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Understand the economic impacts of recruiting diverse employee populations
  • Obtain an understanding of cultural differences that may impact how your recruit and manage Hispanic employees
  • Learn what barriers exist for recruitment and advancement of Hispanic and other minority employees
  • Learn alternative strategies for sourcing candidates in minority populations
  • Learn key strategies for retention of Hispanic and other minority populations
Abode Venue
1330 E Douglas
Wichita KS, 67214
Volunteer at the Kansas Food Bank with the Wichita SHRM Board. Kansas Food Bank graciously offers us their board room the first Wednesday of each month, so we would like to say thank you by volunteering to help them in any way they need help.
12/12/2017 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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